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Double Acting Hydraulic Power Packs AC 380V 2.2KW

Double Acting Hydraulic Power Packs AC 380V 2.2KW

Short Description:

Job Characteristics:

It has the characteristics of compact structure, light weight, stable performance and powerful function. At present, the product has been widely used in automobile refit, auto maintenance equipment, machine tools and fixtures, warehousing and logistics, construction machinery and automation and other fields.
Main structure:

drive motor, oil pump, oil tank, integrated valve group and hydraulic accessories.

Product Detail

Product Tags

Product Parameters

The motor voltage AC380V; AC220V; AC110V; DC12V; DC24V; DC48V
The motor power Communication: 0.18 KW. 0.55 KW. 0.75 KW. 1.5 KW. 2.2 KW. 3.0 KW. 4.0 KWDc: | 0.8 KW; 1.2 KW. 1.6 KW. 2.2 KW. 3.0 KW
Oil pump discharge capacity GH series: 0.2cc/r; 0.3 cc/r; 0.5 cc/r; 0.7 cc/r; 1.1 cc/r; 1.6 cc/rGO series: 1.1cc/ R; 1.6 cc/r; 2.1 cc/r; 2.3 cc/r; 2.7 cc/r; 3.2 cc/r3.7 cc/r; 4.2 cc/r; 4.8 cc/r; 5.8 cc/r; 7.0 cc/r; 8.0 cc/r; 9.8 cc/r
Tank volume L2l3l4l5l6l8l11l MR series: 1MS series: 4L--50L (non-standard customization)
installation Vertical installation horizontal installation side installation reverse installation
Oil mouth thread G1/4 G3/8 Other sizes (consult customer service)

Product model: AC380V/2.2KW-02/2JS-15LF-V
[Product voltage] : 380V
[Solenoid valve voltage] : 220V /24V optional
[Motor power] : 2.2 kW
[Pump capacity]:5.0cc/r
[system traffic] : 7L/min
[System pressure] : 16Mpa
[Oil pressure] : 15L square vertical

Company advantage

1. Customized service: we can customize all kinds of motors according to customer requirements or drawings.
2. After-sales service: according to the requirements of consumers, to provide technical guidance in use, maintenance and other aspects.
3. Quality assurance: We will strictly control the production process to ensure product quality.
4. Professional team: The company has a high-quality talent team and rich experience in product operation.

Product features

With concise line reasonable distribution, make in limited space layout
More functions save worry, time and effort
Exceptional quality of core technology
Micro hydraulic power unit
New process sealing system
New appearance improves performance
Stronger time system stability
The new material is longer
2MM thickening tank
Double mute long time motor


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