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The internal structure of the hydraulic power unit

The internal structure of the hydraulic power unit

Hydraulic power unit is actually a pocket hydraulic station, its specific components are electric motor, liquid pump, valve and so on.

Compared with the hydraulic station, it has obvious advantages, such as light weight, small size, high efficiency and stable performance. Therefore, the hydraulic power unit is widely used in the car manufacturing industry and the construction industry.

Moreover, with the continuous advancement of technology, its functions are also constantly improving. Although the hydraulic power unit is small in size, its internal organs are very complex.

Hydraulic power unit mainly use the flow of liquid to generate pressure. When the external lever is pressed, the mechanical energy is converted into pressure output, and then the piston is pushed through a series of pipe movements to lift the weight, and the pressure will be converted into mechanical energy again. In fact, this process is a process of mutual conversion of energy in two different ways.

When the valve is opened larger, more liquid enters, and then the movement speed of the body is accelerated, otherwise, its movement speed will be reduced.

Post time: Aug-02-2022