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The main reasons for the high oil temperature in the power unit

The main reasons for the high oil temperature in the power unit

 1. The volume of the oil tank is too small and the heat dissipation area is not enough; the oil cooling device is not installed, or although there is a cooling device, its capacity is too small. 

2. When the circuit in the system fails or the circuit is not set, the entire flow of the oil pump overflows under high pressure when it stops working, resulting in overflow loss and heat, resulting in temperature rise. 

3. The system pipeline is too thin and too long, and the bending is too much, and the local pressure loss and the pressure loss along the process are large. 

4. The component accuracy is not enough and the assembly quality is poor, and the mechanical friction loss between relative movements is large. 

5. The fitting clearance of the fittings is too small, or the clearance is too large after use and wear, and the internal and external leakage is large, resulting in large volume loss. If the volumetric efficiency of the pump decreases, the temperature rises quickly. 

6. The working pressure of the hydraulic system is adjusted much higher than the actual need. Sometimes it is necessary to increase the pressure to work because the seal is too tight, or because the seal is damaged and the leakage increases. 

7. The temperature of the climate and operating environment is high, causing the oil temperature to rise. 

8. The viscosity of the oil is improperly selected. If the viscosity is large, the viscous resistance will be large. If the viscosity is too small, the leakage will increase. Both conditions can cause heat generation and temperature rise.

Post time: Jul-22-2022