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What are the common faults of hydraulic power unit?

What are the common faults of hydraulic power unit?

With the increasing use of hydraulic power units, in practical applications, the performance of hydraulic power units will directly affect the normal operation of the hydraulic system. Therefore, we should master the ability of hydraulic power units to diagnose faults and solve problems.

Hydraulic power unit fault diagnosis method:

For various abnormal problems encountered during the use of the hydraulic power unit, the cause of the problem should be analyzed in time, and solutions should be found.

1. It is found that the hydraulic power unit motor does not rotate, or is reversed

Then you need to check for wiring problems. If it is reversed, it can be solved by transposing the wires.

2. Electrical components or lines are short-circuited or damaged

Replace the electrical components in time.

3. When the hydraulic power unit is unloaded, the oil cylinder in it does not drop or falls stably

1) It may be because the solenoid valve is not connected to electricity or is not connected properly, or the voltage is not up to standard, and the circuit needs to be checked.

2) If the power-on time is too long or the voltage is too high, it will cause overheating and the electromagnet will be burned out. The solenoid valve should be replaced.

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Post time: Oct-24-2022