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AC Mini Hydraulic Power Packs for Lift Tables

AC Mini Hydraulic Power Packs for Lift Tables

Short Description:

OMAY AC Hydraulic Power Packs are widely used in Industrial, Mobile,Materials Handling, Municipal Vehicles. Typically for multi hydraulic applications like: aerial work platform, car lift, dock leveler, robot AGV, electric basketball frame,concrete mixer etc. The mini power packs apply hydraulic pressure needed to drive motors, hydraulic cylinders, and other corresponding components of a given hydraulic system. Single acting hydraulic power packs and Double acting hydraulic power packs are available for different hydraulic systems. Omay also provides OEM&ODM service for customer’s specific working conditions.

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The AC power packs are consist of an AC motor, a centre manifold with blocks and valves, a gear pump, a filter system, and a tank. The AC motor power is from 0.37KW to 5.5KW, with voltage 110V/220V/230V/380V/415V, 50Hz or 60Hz for options. The displacement of high pressure mini gear pumps are from 0.75cc/r to 9.8cc/r. The AC hydraulic power packs can supply hydraulic system flow rate from 3L/M up to 30L/M. As a necessary part of Hydraulic power packs, the reservoir tanks can store hydraulic oil and lower the oil temperature during working. The tank capacity is 1liter~50liter with different shapes and materials,like round or square,steel or plastic.


How to Inquire for AC Hydraulic Power Unit?

1)Motor Voltage :
AC Motor : 220V - single phase / three phase
380V - single phase / three phase
2). Motor Power : 0.5KW - 4.0KW
3). Rotating Speed :
A. 50Hz AC Motor :1400rpm , 2800rpm
B. 60Hz AC Motor : 1750rpm , 3450rpm
4). Pump Displacement : 0.75cc/r - 9.8cc/r
5). Solenoid Valve Voltage : 12V / 24V / 220V /110V
6). System Pressure : 1.6MPa - 25MPa
7). Tank Capacity : 1.0L - 50L
8). Mounting : horizontal / vertical / lateral horizontal
9). Tank material : steel / plastic
10). Tank shape : round / square
11). Accessories

Hand Pumps
Cetop03 Valves
Solenoid Lowering Valves
Manual Lowering Valves
Pressure compensated Flow insert
Wire remote control panel
Wireless remote control


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