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DC12V/24V 1.6KW Hydraulic Power Packs

DC12V/24V 1.6KW Hydraulic Power Packs

Short Description:

OMay DC Compact Power Packs are specially designed for a variety of applications, such as AERIAL WORK PLATFORM, DUMP TRAILER, STACKER, TAIL LIFT, TIPPING TRAILER, ELECTRIC FORKLIFTS, WHEELCHAIR,MOBILE HOISTS and other hydraulic systems requiring high performance and high quality products.

DC Hydraulic Power Pack is very flexible and combined with various components based on customer’s practical application. More and more people choose DC compact power packs as a power supply because of its light weight, small size, small movement inertia, and fast response.

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1). Voltage rating: 12 & 24 VDC
2). Pump option: 0.75cc/rev, 1.0 cc/rev, 1.2cc/rev, 1.6 cc/rev, 2.1 cc/rev, 2.4 cc/rev, 2.6cc/rev,2.8cc/rev,3.0 cc/rev, 4.0 cc/ rev, 5.0 cc/rev, 6.0 cc/rev, 7.0 cc/rev, 8.0cc/rev, 9.8cc.rev.
3). Motor Power : 0.37KW – 4.0KW
4). Hydraulic oil: Mineral oil with a viscosity range of 6 to 450 cSt at stabilized working temperature
5). Solenoid Valve Voltage : 12V / 24V
6). System Pressure : 1.6MPa – 25MPa
7). Tank Capacity : 1.0L – 50L
8). Mounting : horizontal / vertical / lateral horizontal
9). Tank material : steel / plastic
10). Tank shape : round / square
11). Accessories

Hand Pumps
Cetop03 Valves
Solenoid Lowering Valves
Throttle Valves
Pilot check valves
Pressure compensated Flow insert
Wire remote control panel
Wireless remote control

DC12V-24V 1.6KW Hydraulic Power Packs


Pallet Lifters/Trucks
Hydraulic Hoppers
Car Carries Trucks
Compact Hydraulic Machines
Wing Truck

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